Westgate beats Carencro to win district title

Westgate Tigers beat Carencro Bears 47-21 in the regular season finale to claim the district title.

Senior WR/QB Jordan Doucet helped win the game in multiple ways with 255 yds passing with 2 TDs, 68 yards receiving with a score and 66-yards with 1 TD.   

Westgate jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Dedrick Latulas started a 60-yard punt return that set up a 3-yard TD run by Steven Antoine making it 7-0.

The Tigers scored again on their next drive with a 77-yard pass and catch from Doucet to Latulas.

Carencro scored 15 unanswered points which started on their ensuing drive. Jaylon John threw a touchdown 70-yard pass to Cashmire Batiste and Josiah Granger took an option pitch 25-yards that made it 12-14.

“We knew it was going to be a battle, I’m just proud of our guys for going out there and making plays and being able to take it away toward the end of the game,” Westgate coach Ryan Antoine said.

The Bears defense forced three straight Westgate punts. After a Carencro field goal gave them their only lead of the game, the Tigers backup QB Brennan Landry hit Doucet for a 65-yard score to go up 20-15 at halftime.

“We are going to use a double-head quarterback,” Antoine said. “Both of those guys are going to play. The good thing about it is nobody’s selfish about it and nobody’s mad that somebody else is in there.” 

Carencro has suffered major injury problems all season. The Bears showed a great defensive effort for most of the first half despite suffering three more injuries in this game.

“This team’s resiliency has been tested and tested and it speaks volumes about the character of these young men,” Carencro coach Tony Courville said. “As their coach, I’m extremely proud of their willingness to fight through our adversity. They show up each day knowing they have an opportunity to improve despite being a heavily wounded football team.”

Westgate got the ball to start the third and went down the filed in five plays extending the lead 26-15.

CHS punted on their first possession of the third, and once again, Westgate’s Doucet was back in at QB to scramble for another touchdown giving the Tigers a 33-15 lead.

Carencro showed more resiliency with a long touchdown drive ending in a 26-yard wheel route pass and score to Granger that made it 33-21. With 8:13 left in the fourth quarter, too much time was taken off the clock to give the Bears a chance at a late-game comeback.

Westgate will finish the season 8-2 (4-0) and Carencro 4-6 (2-2) as both teams wait for their seeded in the playoffs.