The Lombardi Line

Sundays 9A-10A

Long Time NFL GM and former front office executive Michael Lombardi, sports betting author Josh Appelbaum and VSiN host Patrick Meagher combine to offer decades of experience on the field, in locker rooms and analyzing data 

  • Michael Lombardi has the insider view of the NFL front office and how to handicap games based on the way teams and organizations plan for every game.
  • Lombardi broadcasts live on weekends from the Borgata in Atlantic City, to get you geared up for the day’s betting action – during NCAA and NFL football they are perfect primers for the games
  • Patrick Meagher is the show host who gives the Vegas angle and Lombardi provides tremendous unfiltered insight based on his experience and does not tiptoe around his unvarnished opinion on players and execs     
  • Josh is a documented contrarian bettor, and author of The Everything Guide to Sports Betting, who provides insight on how the odds are shifting, provides data on ticket count vs. money, and where some contrarian value may lie for anyone interested in placing bets
  • Their unrivaled access includes regular segments with the sportsbook director at the Borgata who informs the listeners what sides the public is betting on and the teams they will need to win in order for the sportsbook to have a profitable day